Gavrinis Cairn, Larmor-Baden, MorbihanGavrinis Cairn, Larmor-Baden, Morbihan

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Currently located on an island, Gavrinis cairn is unique by its conservation and especially the abundant engraved decoration on almost all granite slabs of the corridor and the dolmen.

My experience, Explo description: 

Gavrinis cairn was built to -3500 BC, during the Neolithic era. At this time, Gavrinis was not an island, but was part of the continent. It is only later that the ocean level stood up, creating the Gulf of Morbihan.

A dolmen is a megalithic funerary monument with large flat stones laying on vertical stones.
A cairn is a dolmen made of dry stone or earth structure, forming a kind of mound.


The cairn has a 50m long diameter. It is 6m high. The facade that frames the portal entry is built with dry stone masonry. The rest is a earth mound.


You enter via a 14m long corridor that ends in a burial square chamber (2,50m). This room is located in the center of the cairn.

The corridor granite slabs and the rooms are decorated with exceptional engravings, whose meaning is still secret...
The roof of the Chamber consists of a block of stone 17 tonnes. It was found that this block was part of a grand menhir of 14 metres high, weighing in 100 tonnes, which had been erected in Locmariaquer, approximately 4 km to the Crow of Gavrinis, nearly one thousand years earlier. This menhir was broken into three pieces that have been reused to cover of dolmens.

Er Lannic island.

This is a small island about 100m in diameter, located in front of Gavrinis which it is separated by a sea channel approximately 300m wide. This island has two megalithic alignments in whole comprising 60 blocks of stone. The tallest menhir is 8m high.

Excavations lead to the discovery of traces of houses and 800 kilos of broken pottery.
Only one visits per day, at 4: 30 pm or 5: 00 pm depending on the season, allows you to bypass this island and admire the menhirs.

How getting there: 

Gavrinis island is located 800m south of the small port of Larmor-Baden, 14km southwest of Vannes (Morbihan).
The visit includes boat transfer. Embarkation occurs at the port of Larmor-Baden. The crossing takes about 15 minutes.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

We strongly recommend booking at +33-2-97-57-19-38 in all periods.

The site is open from March 29 to November 5.
Mars, October, November: 13:30pm to 17:00pm. Closed on Wednesdays
April to September: daily 9:30am to 12:30pm and 13:30pm. to 18.30pm.

For the grand circuit including the Er Lannic ilot, departure is at 16:30pm in April, May, June and 17:00pm in July, August and September.

Visit duration: 

Boat crossing from Larmor-Baden + guided visit : 1h20
Big circuit including the ilot Er Lannic: 2h

Entry fees: 

Boat crossing since Larmor-Baden + guided visit
-adult: 12 €
-student: 10 €
-8/17 years child: 5 €
-child<8 ans: free
-families ( 2 adults + children) : 28€

Big circuit including the ilot Er Lannic:
-adult: 15€
-student: 13 €
-8/17 years child: 6 €
-child<8 ans: free


cairn de gavrinis
cale de pen-lannic
56870 - larmor-baden
+33 2 97 57 19 38