Ghriba synagogue, DjerbaGhriba synagogue, Djerba

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In the middle of palm tree orchards stands a very ancient synagogue....

My experience, Explo description: 

The island of Jerba, because of its animated history, is populated by a varied population, and particularly the most important Jewish community of North Africa.

The synagogue of Ghriba (what means " the beautiful") is supposed to have been built at the VIth century. It is nowadays the seat of an important annual pilgrimage, that takes place on the 33rd day of the Jewish Easter. This is one of the most important places for Judaism in the Maghreb. It holds one of the most ancient Torah in the world.

The synagogue was fixed in 1920. Its internal decoration, made of bluish ceramics accompanied with the psalms of Batlanims, is favourable to meditation.

Closed on Saturdays.
Free entrance, but obole is accepted.

My personal recommendations: 

By car, make the Bou Gara gulf tour (130 km long). From Ajim, you cross a little sea strait (by ferry, every 15 minutes). Make a small variant to visit the antique Roman site of Gighti : very romantic atmosphere, due to this ancient port location, at the edge of the water.
Continue to Médenine, and visit its "ksar" and its weaving workshops. Get back by El Kantara, crossing the sea on an ancient Roman road, regrettably doubled by a very ugly pipeline, which feeds the island with drinking water.

A tip to eat: 

The Ben Yedder patisserie at Houmt-Souk !

A tip to sleep: 

Hotels are cheaper in Zarzis than in Djerba ! And you can sleep there as well as in Djerba.

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

2h for the synagogue. A whole day for the tour.

Access security: 

Driving on the Roman road is not possible by heavy sea time !