Gilbert Hill, Andheri, MumbaiGilbert Hill, Andheri, Mumbai

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Huge rock in the middle of Mumbai offers great views

My experience, Explo description: 

Big rock (not really hill) in Andheri (60m) which offers you a great view over the city and onto the sea. There is a little temple (kind-of-thing) up there.

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A great place to relax for an hour or two. I have never read about it in any tourist guide, nor heard from anyone who’s been up there. Many people from Mumbai don’t even know about it, although it is quite big and noticable. I spotted it once out of a ricksha from the far distance and found my way there.

How getting there: 

Get off train at Andheri Station, get a riksha and tell the driver where to go (look it up on the map first, so that you can direct the driver !). They often don’t even know the rock. You have to go through the slums to get to a staircase that takes you up there.

Useful information: 
Access security: 

You have to walk/drive through the slums for a little while in order to get there . Don’t worry, people don’t harm you, maybe just start talking to you and want to shake hands.

yes that is the great place

I always visit at Gilbert Hill with my friends its our best hangout place. It is very peace and clam place. From the peak the view of the city looks awesome.
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