Imilchil Moussem festival, AtlasImilchil Moussem festival, Atlas

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Once upon a time, the Aït Yaaza and the Aït Brahim clans were in perpetual state of war. One day, a young Aït Yaaza boy and a young Aït Brahim girl fell in love...

My experience, Explo description: 

The Imilchil region, in the heart of Atlas mountains, is the country of the Aït Haddidou (a big berbere tribe, compsed by many clans, and, among them, the Aït Brahim and the Aït Yaaza).

These 2 clans were in perpetual state of war, and, one day, a young Aït Yaaza boy and a young Aït Brahim girl fell in love... In this Romeo and Juliette version, considering their impossible love, the 2 young people cried and cried, so much, than their tears made 2 lakes : the Isli lake for the young gentleman, and the Tislit lake for the young lady...

Later, the wise men of both tribes felt guilty and understood how stupid it was to make war to each other... They decided that one day per year, all young people could meet and freely choose and decide who they want to marry with ! Thus, after the summer crops, in September, a huge "moussem" (fair) was organized, where all the tribes of the mountains where invited. This fair was also a commercial and religious event.

Due to tourism, local danses and traditions became famous out of the mountains, and a folkloric festival was created. It became much more famous than the original "moussem"... This music festival is now 5 years old.

My personal recommendations: 

Check out on the internet for the offical dates of the festival as they might change every year !

A tip to sleep: 

Hotel-restaurant Bassou. This hotel can also organize trips with a guide to the mountains.

00 212 (0) 2344 2402

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Open hours: 

The festival usually takes place at the end of August-September.