Joal Fadiouth village, Petite CôteJoal Fadiouth village, Petite Côte

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Joal-Fadiouth is really a place to go: you will visit a pictorial village.

My experience, Explo description: 

Joal-Fadiouth is made of 2 villages. Joal lies on the mainland, while Fadiouth, linked to the mainland by a bridge, lies on an island of clam shells, which are also used in local architecture and crafts. The village has no motorised transport : you need to cross the bridge by feet to get there.

Whereas Senegal is mainly a Muslim country, Joal Fadiouth has a large Christian population.
The first president of Senegal, Léopold Sédar Senghor, was born at Joal.

500m (NE) from Fadiouth, you can visit the city cemetery. This is a very peaceful place, with baobab trees overlooking the village and the mangrove. Check at the tombs, which are mixed Christian or Muslim.

From the cemetery (300m, N), you can rent a little boat to check out another attraction : granaries on stilts in the water. These granaries are really nice, but the place is full of little tourist shops. A funny detail : all these little shops are named with the names of big French retail companies like Carrefour, Casino, Leclerc…

200m east from Fadiouth, you can go to Tindine. This is a sacred island. Except sorcerers, no one goes there. As a tourist, you can get there, but it will be hard to find someone to drive you there. The place is interesting because as no one get there, it has become a kind of natural reserve, with hyenas, monkeys, birds and turtles. But don’t sleep there, hyenas might attack you !

My personal recommendations: 

Get there at the end of the day, make a boat tour, to enjoy the sunset peaceful ambiance, and the birds flying back to their nests in the swamps.

How getting there: 

Joal-Fadiouth is 25km south from MBour, and 110km (S) from Dakar (3h drive) driving along the coastal road.

A tip to sleep: 

You can find places to sleep at Fadiouth.

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