Klongs boat tour, Chao Phraya, BangkokKlongs boat tour, Chao Phraya, Bangkok

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Discover Bangkok by boat and enjoy its peaceful canals...

My experience, Explo description: 

Bangkok is a city built on swamps. For long, like in Venice, the only way to discover For long the only means of transportation was the boat. Canals were progressively filled and replaced little by streets, of which they kept their chaotic plans. That is how we can explain the absence of big town planning scheme in Bangkok, and its gigantic traffic jams...

Thus, Klong boat tours are a bit touristee, but it is a good way to discover and imagine how Bangkok was in the past...

My personal recommendations: 

Usually a tour is about 1h. If you do not want to see other tourists, get there 1 hour before the night. The ambiance is very calm, and you might even feel alone !

How getting there: 

There are many places to start you Klong Boat tour. One of them is at Sathorn Express Boat pier. You can get there by boat bus, or subway (BTS) : Saphan Tak Sin station and terminal.

Once you are on the pier, you can try to bargain.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long.

Visit duration: 

1 hour.

Entry fees: 

Renting a long boat for a 1 hour Klong tour is about $25.