Kulgrinda - secret road, Lükstas lakeKulgrinda - secret road, Lükstas lake

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Kulgrinda is a hidden underwater stony road across swamps used for defense (be ready to dive in the mud if you dare).

My experience, Explo description: 

Kulgrinda is a hidden underwater stony road across swamps used for defense in the history of Lithuania...

Undetectable from the surface, these roads were usually known only to the locals, and as such were an important element of the defense against various invaders, including the Teutonic Knights in the 13–14th centuries.

Kulgrindas provided a safe shortcut between villages, hillforts.They were built by bringing stones over frozen swamps in the winter and letting them sink once the ice melted.

This road survives in three segments and was used up to the 19th century as a road between Kaltinėnai and Tverai.

An interesting experience to wade through the swamp and feel stony surface loaded many centuries ago

For real lovers of History, it is not like a walking in the park

My personal recommendations: 

It is not easy to find it, but if you look carefully to your map you must succeed. Best time to visit is summer because water can be chilly.

How getting there: 

It is between two lakes Lukstas and Parsezeris. From highway A1 turn to Laukuva then choose tarmac road before Apvarsuva turn right for about 3km. Till you find wooden sign SIETUVOS KULGRINDA then about 1km. Toward shown direction.

A tip to eat: 

In Varniai

A tip to sleep: 

Camping by the lake

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day

Visit duration: 

It can take about 1 hour

Entry fees: 

No fees but if you hire a guide it can cost about 10 euros, but it can be worth every penny. You can hire a guide in Varniai regional park directorate.

Access security: 

Guide is very recommended, but it possible to find and visit without it (as I did). Be ready for deep mud, mosquito and bloodsuckers.