Lake near the Vrads Historical railroadLake near the Vrads Historical railroad

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    Hum, seems to be a reallu unknown spot Nicki... Well done!
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      Description is a bit short Nicki!
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Lying in what just might be one of the prettiest places in Denmark, this little, but clear and clean lake lies waiting to be explored. The forest around it is simply as appealing in the summer as they get, and ensures the privacy and unspoilt nature of this place.

My experience, Explo description: 

No garbage bins down there, so be sure to clean up after yourselves !

How getting there: 

Park at the veteran railroad station, have a look around, then follow the path going past the old station, leading into the forest, at the shelters, turn right and walk through 40m’s of forest until you get to a dirt road, then follow that road left for 600m’s or so until you get to the lake.

It’s quite worth the walk.