Le Colosse Tamil temple, Saint-AndréLe Colosse Tamil temple, Saint-André

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One of the biggest Hindu temples on the Réunion North-East coast, in the Vanilla country...

My experience, Explo description: 

The most rainy part of the Réunion island stands between Saint-Denis and Saint-Benoit, on the North-East coast. This coastal plain is covered by sugar cane and also vanilla fields. That is why this part of the island is called the "Vanilla country" (Le pays de la Vanille)...

After the abolition of the slavery, numerous "workers" were recruited, and almost 100.000 Tamils (coming mostly from Pondichéry and from the Malabar coast in India) settled down. Nowadays, 25 % of the Réunion population are their descendants.

In Reunion live without clash 3 religions : the Christians, the Hindus and the Muslims.

Le Colosse (the Colossus) is the most important Hindu temple of the island. It is located in Saint-André, between the Cambuston and Champ Borne districts.

The temple is very coloured, with many deities.

The temple stands close to the sea and a to a recreation park, so you can have a walk there after your visit.

My personal recommendations: 

If you like visiting Hindu temples, do not hesitate to go the lovely little Sainte-Suzanne temple, standing on the shore, in a little forest... (See the related visit article).

How getting there: 

The Colosse temple is located close to the shore, about 3 km (NE) from Saint-André city centre.

A tip to eat: 

Au petit coin exotique (see "A tip to sleep").

A tip to sleep: 

In Saint-André : "au petit coin exotique" inn.
460 ruelle Virapatrin.

This is a lovely inn owned by M. and Ms. Patou-Parvedy.
Tel :02 62 46 46 07
leoncepatou-parvedy [at] wanadoo [dot] fr

From the Colosse temple, drive west (direction Cambuston) and then turn on the 3rd road on the left called "ruelle Virapatrin".

The cooking is excellent.

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