Legoland, BillundLegoland, Billund

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The original country of Lego: Lego plants, a Lego park, a Lego hotel, a Lego camping, a Lego restaurant, a Lego security patrol, and Lego fans.

My experience, Explo description: 

Legoland is situated in Billund, the city where Ole Kirk Christiansen, a poor carpenter ruined by the great depression, created his first toys on base of bricks in 1934.

The city is situated in the middle of nowhere. But if you want to dive back into the universe of your childhood, if you want to discover new Lego systems, or if you simply want to please your children, let’s go there !

The park includes numerous attractions kids, who, we have to confess, have nothing very original. On the other hand, at the park entrance, a vast space is dedicated to the reconstruction in Lego of cities and famous monuments of the Northern Europe : it is worth seeing.

My personal recommendations: 

In the summer time (from the 7th July to 8th August), if you arrive at the park after 7pm, the entrance will be free of charge.
To avoid the (big) queue and to get discounts, book you tickets on line.

How getting there: 

From Vejle (E45), take the 28 to Billund (25km W).
The Legoland park, the hotels and the camping are located just on the south west of the airport.

A tip to eat: 

Many restaurants in the park (not cheap).

A tip to sleep: 

Hotels and camping around the park.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

10am - 20pm on week ends.
10am - 18pm else.
From 7th July to 8th August : 10am - 21pm.
As the schedules might change, please check out the Legoland Web site before going there (see "Contact").

Visit duration: 

Depends whether or not you come there with kids ! From 2h to a whole day...

Entry fees: 

=>Children 3-12 years
DKK 200 = 31 euros

=>Adults 13-59 years
DKK 250 = 35 euros

Nordmarksvej 9
DK-7190 Billund

Tel. +45 7533 1333

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A great day for you and your

A great day for you and your kids. Beware of long lines though.