Les traboules walking tour, Croix-Rousse, LyonLes traboules walking tour, Croix-Rousse, Lyon

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    Les Traboules is quite reputated in Lyon. But it is a very singular spot and tour!
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Discover the “Traboules” (passageways) winding down the hill of the Croix-Rousse where 30.000 silk weavers used to live in the 19th century.

At the silk printing workshop, printers will demonstrate Lyon’s traditional know how.

My experience, Explo description: 

In Lyon, a "traboule" is a traditional passage which allows to pass from a building to the other one, without using streets.

Traboules is frequent in old Lyon : district Saint Jean. On the very sloppy hill of Croix-Rousse, traboules are more or less stiff staircases. Visiting them thus demand a certain physical condition. As they are often inside buildings, many of them are not visible or closed to public.

The history of Croix-Rousse is inseparable of that of the silk industry.

It begins under King François Ist. Then, the Revolution will practically ruin the city.

In spite of the increasing development of the activity, the Silk workers (workers who weave the silk) will know difficult years, leading to the big revolts of the 1831s and 1834s.

In this time, the Silk workers massively leave the Peninsula where space is missing, for Croix-Rousse. They establish in buildings called "canuts" (that’s why in French Silk workers are called "Canuts"), with vertical and severe front wall. These buildings are in fact gatherings of workshops with high ceilings (up to 4m) to accommodate the big Jacquart looms, enlightened by big windows to permit colour works...

In 1877, there are more than 100,000 looms, among which 40,000 are located in the only district of Croix-Rousse. At the end of the 19th century, the silk trade represents 3/4 of the economic activity of the city, whereas the textile industry is 25 % of the national wealth...

Considering the difficulties to go through the Traboules, the Tourist information office organizes conducted tours either in the district St-Jean, or on the hill of Croix-Rousse.

20 Persons maximum. Entrance fee.

My personal recommendations: 

Go uo to Croix-Rousse with the funicular (to station Croix-Rousse), and walk down following my joined map...

How getting there: 

Meeting Point : Exit of the underground - station Croix-Rousse

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

2h or 3h

Entry fees: 

Free !


For individuals at +33(4) 72 77 69 69

For groups or ’à la carte’ at +33(0)4 72 77 72 33

Access security: 

Please respect the tranquillity of places during your visit. Numerous traboules are regrettably already closed to the public. However it is not rare that by ringing and by being courteous, an inhabitant opens you kindly the passage.

Traboules are reserved for pedestrians.

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