Lopaiciu mound, TveraiLopaiciu mound, Tverai

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    This spot is really off the path Rustis! I couldn't manage to find much more information on the internet! Well done!
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Mound with good view to surrounding, mystical place with dolmen and Nine Streams spring (locals regularly come to collect water to home use). Follow paths with some climbing.

My experience, Explo description: 

Mound east from Tverai is interesting place, sacred site of pre-christian period.

The forest hides circles made of stones, some stones have carved symbols (hand, ship) and some of them have their very special purposes such like health, wisdom and reproductive (people believe), and a pile of stones (scientists guess it was a dolmen).

Anyway maybe main object is Nine Streams Spring : many local (or not) people come to collect water because they believe it has very good energy.

Really different place known only between locals and enthusiasts, easy to find main objects, marked path.

My personal recommendations: 

Easy to find but guide would be useful too.

How getting there: 

Somewhere between Siauliai and Klaipeda. Search for Tverai in your map and go (1.5 km. east from Tverai toward Varniai).

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1 hour.

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