Los Organos de Montoro, Maestrazgo, AragonLos Organos de Montoro, Maestrazgo, Aragon

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Magnificent and wild region between Teruel and Alcaniz. The Maestrazgo is very little populated, except by eagles and vultures!

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In the 11th century, this fierce region lived the confrontation between the Moors and the Christians. It is where Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, alias "Le Cid" committed his exploits.

The "Montoro Organos" are quite spectacular limestone mountains. They have huge vertical cliffs, shaping the mountains like waves. Their name comes from their resemblance to organ pipes.

It is a paradise for climbers and all outdoor (kayaking, hiking) activities.

For hikers, follow the Villaluengo GR8 to Pitarque (3 km), then use the 9 PR - TE which leads to the village of Mezquita Montoro (beautiful rock formation of Montoro Organos).

From Pitarque, you can also go to the amazing spring of the Pitarque River.

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Hostel De La Trucha
Las Fabricas S/N
E-44559 Villarluengo Parajet
Phone : + 34 978 773 008

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