Madrid Botanic Garden, Retiro parkMadrid Botanic Garden, Retiro park

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Looking for a romantic tour in a historic place after the heat of the day, while looking at amazing plants? Go to Madrid's Royal Botanical Garden...

My experience, Explo description: 

The creation of the Royal Botanical garden was ordered by king Ferdinand VI in 1755. In 1781, during the reign of Charles III, the garden, designed by Francesco Sabatini and Juan de Villanueva, occupied its current place, on the Paseo del Prado.

The garden was not only a simple plant exhibition place, but it had also other objectives such as botany education, promotion of the expeditions intended for the discovery of new sorts and for their classification.

At present, the Royal Botanical garden of Madrid has a 8 hectare surface. The various botanical species are distributed in three terraces.

The garden also contains a botanical research centre mainly centred on the Spanish and South American flora.

Don’t miss the exhibition greenhouse. It was inaugurated in 1993. 1.200 plant sorts are cultivated there, distributed in three separate compartments : tropical climate, moderate climate and desert climate. (North side of the garden, left from the entrance).

You can also check out an interesting bonsai exhibition (East side of the garden).

My personal recommendations: 

Get there late in the day, just before the garden closes. The garden is indeed open quite late : the atmosphere is really quite, and you can get there while other museums are closed... Combine your visit with the Prado museum : its entrance is just opposite from the garden.

How getting there: 

2, Murillo square
28014 Madrid

Buses : 10, 14, 19, 24, 26, 27, 32, 34, 45, 57, 140 and Circular.
Metro : Atocha, Atocha-Renfe

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Every day (except 25th dec. and 31st dec.) from 10:00am to 18:00pm (November, February), 19:00pm (March), 20:00pm (April), 21:00pm (May to August), 20:00pm September.

Visit duration: 


Entry fees: 

2 euros


Tel : (34) 91 420 30 17