Malpaïs of Güimar walking tour, TenerifeMalpaïs of Güimar walking tour, Tenerife

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A small and easy circuit on the seafront, on volcanic terrain. Due to the area climate, sunny weather is garanteed.

My experience, Explo description: 

Güimar Malpaïs natural reserve extends from Southern Candelaria to Eastern Guimar.

(1) Volcanoes :
A Malpaís (or Malpais) is a terrain characterised by eroded rocks of volcanic origin in an arid environment.

This particular natural site consists of the volcanic cone called Montaña Grande, which is a former volcano (culminating 279 metres in height to 300 meters in diameter and a depth of 50 metres. A broad cast of lava descends to the sea. This cast is relatively recent : about 10,000 years ago.

Many lava tunnels were formed : the most notable is Cueva Honda (Deep Cave) formed by a large gas bubble in a lava tube.

(2) Vegetation :
This area brings together several endemic species of the Canary Islands, including several varieties of Euphorbia, looking like cactus :

  • Euphorbia canariensis candelabra (can reach up to 3 feet high)...
  • Euphorbia atropurpurea, called "tabaïba".

Departure : Puertito de Guimar. Park at the end of the coastal road (North from Puertito).

Take the trail along the ocean to the North. After 30mn, take a breath on a 30m high cliff. 10 minutes later, 50 metres before a wooden pile, take on the left in the direction of Montana Grande. (If you continue straight away, you will reach the Entrada pebble beach, without interest, and then the small village of El Secorro).

After 10 minutes, you will reach a drivable track and 10 minutes later a barrier. Take the (South) trail on the left. Avoid the walk around the Montana Grande cone, which is not very pleasant due to the proximity of the motorway.

Panoramic platform of Morra del Corcho. Taking always left, you will gently go down to Puertito

My Plan :
Afficher Malpais de Guimar , Tenerife sur une carte plus grande

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2 hours

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Good shoes