Marstrand, Bohuslän coastMarstrand, Bohuslän coast

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Marstrand is a very lovely island. Unfortunately, the village is a tourist place and might sometimes be very crowded. Go there by stormy or rainy weather: the ambiance will be unique, and no one will disturb you...

My experience, Explo description: 

Marstrand village is cut in 2 parts by a little 200m large strait. The east part is not interesting. Go direct to the west part (island).
The place is dominated by a huge fortress : the Carlsten fortress. The village was once famous for its herrings. Nowadays, it is a major sailing spot.

The village is nice, with many restaurants for tourists.

The Carlsten fortress (entry fee : 7.5 euros, guided tours at the beginning of the afternoon). This citadel was built at the XVIIth century to defend the province. Then, from XVIIIth to the XIXth century, it was used as a jail...
Nice view on the island from the top of the fortress.

There is a naturist beach on the west part of the island.

My personal recommendations: 

Make the island tour walk (about 1.5h). A trail goes around the island, where you can enjoy many nice sights and quite places. There is a forest on the north part of the island (close to little caves). This charming forest is protected from the wind by a wall.

How getting there: 

E6 from Göteborg to Kungälv. Take the 168 from north Kungälv to Marstrand. Many parkings at Marstrand east side of the village.
A boat goes to Marstrand island every 15mn from the village east part (crossing the little strait is about 3mn long).

A tip to eat: 

Many tourist restaurants in the village.

A tip to sleep: 

Marstrand Varmbadhus Batellet : maybe the cheapest place at Marstrand. With a swimming pool. On the north of the village (about 5mn walk from the boat jetty).
Prices from 20 to 30 euros per person.
Telephone : 0303 600 10.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Boat every 15 mn from the village east side.

Visit duration: 

1-2h for the tour walk.


Tourism office : 0303 600 87.