Mizdakhan, Giaour Kala, Ancient KhorezmMizdakhan, Giaour Kala, Ancient Khorezm

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A vast cemetery covering 2 hills in the former Amu Darya delta. According to geographers, it was the 2nd largest Khorezm city.

My experience, Explo description: 

In the past, the bed of Amu Darya laid between Yourgandje (modern Konia Ourgench in Turkmenistan, the former capital of Khorezm kings) and Mizdakhan.

The only thing that still remains from that time is the cemetery, composed by thousands of tombs. This complex incorporates several amazing monuments such as an underground palace (the Muzlum Sulkhan Mausoleum, 13th c., whose walls are decorated with blue glazed majolica tiles. According to the legends, a wonderful princess is buried there).

Not really far from there, check out the 7 domes mausoleum. Some people say that a dinosaur bone is buried there...

On the hill close to the site, you can see the Zoroastrian city of Giaour Kala. This important city on the silk road has been destroyed by Mongols...

My personal recommendations: 

Just walk on the hill.
Go to Mizdakhan on the way back from Moynak. This will only cost you a 5$ taxi extra.

How getting there: 

Giaour Kala is about 1km (W) from Mizdakhan.
By car. 1km (W) from Chodzenli. Chodzenli is about 15km (W) from Nukus.

A tip to sleep: 

You can stay in Nukus. There are an airport and a train station in Nukus.

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