Nimis Arx, LadoniaNimis Arx, Ladonia

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An independent country in the middle of Sweden, a nice pebble beach populated with strange wooden statues...

My experience, Explo description: 

In 1980, the artist Lars Vilks started to work on Nimis (lat. "too much") on the Kullaberg north coast. He chose that place because it was quite hidden, and he could work for almost two years before his piece was discovered.

The construction was made of driftwood and rests from the close cutting areas.

When the piece was discovered, the County Council ordered to remove the building immediately. Lars Vilks was sent to trial. Whereas he was fined, he managed to support his work by selling some parts of the piece, and, in 1986, Nimis was already an impressive sculpture (25 tons of wood, more than 100 meters of length, with 15m high towers) attracting thousands of visitors who climbed on the statues.

In 1991 Vilks started another project next to Nimis : Arx (lat. "fortress").

In 1995, some people tried to set fire to the piece.

After years of vain trials, Nimis Arx became a National Monument, whereas the little Nimis Arx piece of land was also declared as an independent state : Ladonia.

Ladonia is a country of about 1 square km. The currency is Örtug. One Örtug is about 10 Swedish crowns... Taxes are to be paid in Ladonia but not with money. Citizens pay by giving away a part of their creativity.

Like more than 10,000 people, you can if you want become a Ladonian Citizen : common citizenship is free, nobility costs $ 12...

My personal recommendations: 

On the way, make a stop at the little bar in the middle of the forest. It is hosted in a lovely little old farm. Price is cheap, but the bar is closed at winter time.

How getting there: 

About 40km north west from Helsingborg. E20, E6, exit direction Höganäs (roads 112 or 111). Then follow the 111 to Mölle.
On the 111, just before the camping (on the left), you will arrive at a cross road (200 from the camping). There, make a right to Arild and drive about 500m. Then, make a left on the Himmelstorpsvägen rd, which goes direct into the forest. There, you will find parkings and signs to go to Nimis. The walk is about 40mn long and pass in front of a nice little bar lost in the forest...

A tip to eat: 

At the little bar ! (see tip for a unique visit)

A tip to sleep: 

Hotels at Mölle. Cheaper solution, go to Mölle First Camp camping. 2km (SW) from Mölle.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long

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Entry fees: 


Helsingborg Tourism Office : 042 10 43 50

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