Oum Lâalag sacred oasis, MhamidOum Lâalag sacred oasis, Mhamid

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The closest oasis from Ouarzazate... Looking for a moonlight walk around a little oasis or for an accessible base camp to get around into the desert dunes? Get to Oum Lâalag sacred oasis!

My experience, Explo description: 

Oum Lâalag is a very little oasis (about 3 hectares). It is about 50km (W) from Mhamid). It is the only water spring of the area and many nomads go there to supply with water. Seeing this little water spring boarded with a few palm trees is a magical experience !
The oasis in only populated by half a dozen persons, who hold a little inn where you can sleep in nomad tents...

For those who are interested in adventure, Chggaga sand dunes are about 10 (SE). There, you can find more rustic camps and make dromedaries tours...

My personal recommendations: 

Spend one or two nights in the oasis, just stay there, do nothing, and enjoy this little garden lost in the middle of the desert heat. Have a moonlight walk around the camp : maybe you will see some animals !
The best time to get there is from march till end of may, and from September till November.

How getting there: 

Oum Lâalag is about 6h by car from Ouarzazate (4h (240km) to go to Mhamid (normal road), and then 2h (50km)from Mhamid on a sand track...).
From Mhamid to the oasis, you need a 4x4.
One solution is to organize your trip with a local guide : Hamza Abdessamad, Transatour : hamza [dot] abdessamad [at] groupetransatour [dot] com

A tip to eat: 

No place to eat, except the inn restaurant.

A tip to sleep: 

Sleeping in the oasis is about 40 euros per person for one night, dinner and breakfast.

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