Parque Central complex, CaracasParque Central complex, Caracas

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A huge and odd architectural complex, with the highest towers of South America.

My experience, Explo description: 

In 1969 the engineer Carlos Delfino introduced the Parque Central project to President Rafael Caldera, to urbanize a new district of Caracas.

In 1970 he began to construct 8 residential buildings : Tacagua, Caroata, Catuche, Tajamar, San Martin, El Tope, Mohedano and Anauco. Each of these huge building hosts 317 apartments, at an altitude of 120 meters and 44 floors. They were completed in 1972, while the twin towers were built at the same time, with malls and offices.

Each tower is 64 floors, rising 225 meters. The West tower was completed in 1979 and the East Tower was opened in 1983.

However, in April 2003, both towers were surpassed in height (by only 5m) by Mexico City’s Torre Mayor, and thus are no longer the tallest buildings in Latin America, but still they remain the tallest in South America.

On October 17, 2004, a fire broke out in the East tower. At least 10 floors were damaged in the incident. The fire started on the 34th floor and flames reached the 44th floor of the building. These floors housed key government offices. At the time an inquest was being held on the activities of these offices. It sustained critical damage as efforts were hampered due to poor water pressure and lack of fire fighting equipment. Military helicopters tried pouring water from above to quench the flames. It was also feared that the steel structure could be damaged severely enough to collapse.

Within the Central Park complex you will also find the Museum of Contemporary Art (see related article), the Children’s Museum, the Plenary Hall, 8 conference rooms, a swimming academy, movie theaters, a heliport...

If you are lucky, you can access to the top of the West Tower to admire a viewpoint of the city. Normally, it is not possible to access. But you can ask the security men (Departamento de Securidad), down the stairs (level : "Nivel Sotarro Uno") if they can let you go up.

The contemporary art museum is really worth it.

My personal recommendations: 

I did just stroll in the complex, visiting the different levels of the park, like if you were visiting Babylon Gardens. The complex is busy during the day.

How getting there: 

Metro Parque Central. Taxi station in the middle of the complex.

A tip to eat: 

You can find many restaurants in.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

No limit. But it is better to visit it during the day.

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