Phibun Mangsahan Gong fabrics, U. RatchathaniPhibun Mangsahan Gong fabrics, U. Ratchathani

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An interesting village if you want to see how gongs are made or if you want to buy one direct at the producer workshop...

My experience, Explo description: 

On the road 2222, between Phibun Mangsahan bridge and Khong Chiam, you can drive through many interesting villages which are famed for forging iron and bronze gongs.

Gongs are used for temples and classical Thai-music ensembles.

While you drive, you will see many little shops in shelters standing on the road sides, displaying hundreds of gongs. Some of them can be up to 2m tall !

Ask people if they can show you how they make gong. You will be surprised to notice how rustic it is : hammering flat metal discs and tempering them in fire just outside the house...

My personal recommendations: 

You can buy a gong if you are interested in. Price is about $11 for a small one, and can raise up to $500 for the biggest ones.

How getting there: 

Phibun Mangsahan is 35km (E) from Ubon Ratchathani on the Rte 217.

Then, drive about 6km (E) from Phibun Mangsahan to Khong Chiam on the Rte 2222.

A tip to sleep: 

Sleep in Ubon Ratchathani or in Khong Chiam.

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