Playa Perla Blanca, Cayo Santa MariaPlaya Perla Blanca, Cayo Santa Maria

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This beach is maybe the best and most lonely beach of the Cayo Santa Maria islands. Sea, sand and nature. Nothing more.

My experience, Explo description: 

Perla Blanca beach is located in a nature reserve, away from the resorts and hotels.

Have a look at the vestiges of an old resort when you arrive on the beach.

My personal recommendations: 

From there, go on the right. You will have a succession of beaches and beaches. You can stay on the 2 first beaches. If you go further, some guards might warn you to stop your trip because access to the area is normally restricted (Parque Nacional Cayo Santa Maria).

How getting there: 

You can go to Cayerias del Norte by plane (1 flight per day from La Havana to the islands’ airport called « Airport Las Brujas ») or by car (about 5hours from La Havana). These islands are linked to the coast by a 40km long dike called El Pedraplen. By car, you will need to pay a 2CUC fee at the entrance of the dike (and again when you exit). There is a gaz station opposite to the airport. I advise you go by car because once you are on the island, there not many transportation means.

Some tourists rent bicycles in their resorts to ride to the Playa Blanca. (The beach is about 15km (east) from the Airport. Else, you can go by car. On the lastest kilometres, you will drive on a lovely track going through the forest.

A tip to eat: 

Take a pic nic : there is no restaurant nor water…

A tip to sleep: 

Sleep at the Villa Las Brujas hotel. (About 80CUC). This lonely hotel has lovely lodges, is human, far away from the other crowded touristic resorts. The hotel has a nice private beach. You should make a reservation as soon as you can. (Tel : 35-01-99).

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

1/2 day

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