Randers Regnskov nature parkRanders Regnskov nature park

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    Cool article Thomas, but this is one of the most famous spots in Denmark!
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A really nice place to visit to see the animals and plants from different parts of the world.

My experience, Explo description: 

Randers Rain Forest is located in the centre of Randers, between Randers City and the river Gudenåen. It is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions, featuring three different rain forest continents under separate domes ; South America, Asia and Africa.

A fantastic environment where you can walk around in a tropical climate between giant liana vines, buttress trees, a roaring waterfall and over 250 animal species. You can help the guides feed the animals or maybe
you would like to get involved with the weighing of the Rainforests longest snake ? You will get your chance the second Tuesday in August.

How getting there: 

Arriving by car :

If you are travelling by car and would like to visit Randers Regnskov, you have the following options :

  • Arrival from the north :

If you are driving south on motorway E45, take exit 40 to Randers C and take the first turn to the left. Follow the road straight ahead for 2 kilometers and you will see the white domes on your right.

  • Arrival from the south :

If you are driving north on the E45 motorway, take exit 42 to Randers S and follow the road straight ahead all the way to the city center. Here the road splits up in two directions. Take the left-hand turn and Randers Regnskov is on your left.

A tip to eat: 

After a visit to the hot and humid domes, it is nice to sit down and relax, enjoy a cool drink and possibly have a bite to eat. In the café at Randers Regnskov, it is possible to sit inside or outside on the terrace. The Café serves a wide variety of meals for both adults and children.

In order to use the café, you have to purchase an entrance ticket to Randers Regnskov

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Weekdays : 10am-4pm
Weekends : 10am-5pm

Holidays :
Winter 7/2-22/2 : 10am-5pm
Easter 4/4-13/4 : 10am-5pm
Bededag 8/5-10/5 : 10am-5pm
Ascension 21/5-24/5 : 10am-5pm
Whitsun 30/5-1/6 : 10am-5pm
Autumn 10/10-18/10 : 10am-5pm
23/11-29/11 : closed
Christmas 23/12-27/12 : 10am-3pm
Christmas 28/12-30/12 : 10am-4pm
New Year 31/12-1/1 : closed
Summer : 27/6-16/8 : 10am-6pm
17/8-30/8 : 10am-5pm

Entry fees: 

Children (0-2 years old) : Free admittance
Children (3-11) : DKK. 90 (EUR. 12,50,-)
Adults (From age 12) : DKK. 150 (EUR. 21,50,-)

Quite nice and pretty

Quite nice and pretty interesting.