Russian tank vestiges, PhonsavanRussian tank vestiges, Phonsavan

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On the way to the Plain of Jars site 3, you can see the vestiges of a bombed Russian tank, lying a few meters down the road.

My experience, Explo description: 

The tank driver and an other man died during the bombing. The gun has been dismantled and is now exposed at Phonsavan Tourism Office...

My personal recommendations: 

The tank is about 1km (W) from the Plain of Jars site n°2 and 4km (N) from Plain of Jars site n°3. Most of people think that the site n°3 is better to see than the n°2.

How getting there: 

From Phonsavan, take the tarry road going South to Muang Khoun. This road goes on the South-Eastern side fo the airport. Drive about 11km. Then, you will reach a cross road (with 2 little ponds) : follow the signs on the right to Plain of Jars sites n°2 and n°3. Stay on the track (going South). About 12km further, you will see on your left signs to go to site n°2. Don’t follow them and stay on the track. The tank is 400m further on your left, at the edge of the hamlet.

A tip to eat: 

No place to eat there. You can eat at the site n°3.

A tip to sleep: 

Closest place to sleep in Phonsavan.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long.

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Entry fees: 


Access security: 

As the tank is at the edge of a hamlet, please respect the property of people.