Sacré-Coeur des Colimaçons church, Saint LeuSacré-Coeur des Colimaçons church, Saint Leu

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A church perched on a hill overlooking Saint Leu...

My experience, Explo description: 

Antoine Sosthène de Chateauvieux was a French noble man who was ruined by the French Revolution. Then, he escaped from France and was hired by family DesBassyns, who were the Réunion island main land owners during the 19th century. He was passionate by botany, and settled in 1857 in Colimaçons, a place on the heights of Saint-Leu. There, he constituted a 600 hectares domain. This domain is now famous : it is the Mascarin Botanic conservatory.

But De Chateauvieux also wanted to build a church looking like those of its native Burgundy, with stained glasses. He needed 5 years to achieve it, and, in 1865, the Sacré-Coeur des Colimaçons church was achieved.

It is now classified as a National historic monument.

My personal recommendations: 

Have a look at the close Botanic Conservatory : the visit is really worth it !

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Address :
Conservatoire Botanique de Mascarin
2, rue du Père Georges, Route des Colimaçons. Saint-Leu.

A tip to eat: 

There is a little restaurant in the Conservatory garden.

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