San Pasqual ship wreck, Cayo Las Brujas, Santa MariaSan Pasqual ship wreck, Cayo Las Brujas, Santa Maria

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Visit a lonely and very well preserved ship wreck emerging from the sea. A trip out of the time !

My experience, Explo description: 

The S.S. San Pasqual was launched in 1920. In 1921, she was damaged by a storm and docked until 1924. She has a twin sister : the Cuyamaca. Originally she was an oil tanker, but it was then bought by Old Times Molasses Co. from La Havana and served as molasse ship tank in Santiago, Cuba. The ship sank in 1933.

During the 2nd war, the carcass was equipped with machine guns and cannon to counter the German submarines. At that time a bridge was connecting the ship to the shore.

During the Cuban revolution, the San Pasqual served as a prison for the army of Che Guevara. Then the ship hosted a fishing club and fishing competitions. During the 90’s, she was converted to a hotel (10 rooms).

This is the ship’s official story. But actually, I rather much prefer the boat’s legend. As we were floating to the boat, the local guy told me that the ship was carrying a huge provision of sugar cane when she sank in 1933. Since then, no one did go there cause the ship is supposed to be haunted, and no one did even recover the sugar cane inside the boat. For now 80 years, the sugarcane has begun to fermentate, producing an excellent rum, filling the holds of the ship... And it is true that when we toured the ship, over dozens of yards around, a delicious smell of rum just tickled our nostrils. Unbelievable, it was a true delight!

There is a hole in the boat hull and you can get inside through it !

My personal recommendations: 

The best way to visit the boat is to register on a boat tour, which usually includes different activities, like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, or just cruising at the sunset…

How getting there: 

The boat is located about is about 5km (west) from the Marina Gaviota (Tel : 35-00-13). This is the islands main marina where you can rent boats, sea scooters, and organize tours (snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, cruises, fishing). The marina is adjacent to the Villa Las Brujas hotel and about 2km (W) from the aiport entrance.

You can go to Cayerias del Norte by plane (1 flight per day from La Havana to the islands’ airport called « Airport Las Brujas ») or by car (about 5hours from La Havana). These islands are linked to the coast by a 40km long dike called El Pedraplen. By car, you will need to pay a 2CUC fee at the entrance of the dike (and again when you exit). There is a gaz station opposite to the airport. I advise you go by car because once you are on the island, there not many transportation means.

A tip to eat: 

Take a pic nic ! There is a little bar at the marina where you can buy sandwiches.

A tip to sleep: 

Sleep at the Villa Las Brujas hotel. (About 80CUC). This lonely hotel has lovely lodges, is human, far away from the other crowded touristic resorts. The hotel has a nice private beach. You should make a reservation as soon as you can. (Tel : 35-01-99).

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long...

Visit duration: 

A boat tour is about 3h.

Entry fees: 

Renting a boat is about 90CUC for ½ day.


Marina Gaviota (Tel : 35-00-13).

Access security: 

You will need to bargain with your boat captain if you want him to let you get inside the wreck !

San Pasqual

This ship wreck is simply incredible... Such an atmosphere!