Sancti Spiritus walking tourSancti Spiritus walking tour

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A charming little colonial town with blue streets, a river, a 16th century bridge, a church and a theater. A ideal ½ day stop.

My experience, Explo description: 

Sancti Spiritus is a 60,000 inhabitans town. It was founded in 1514 (the 5th of 7 cities in the beginning of the conquest) on the banks of the river Yayabo. It was then moved to its present site in 1522.

The town is a trade centre for the rgion and an agricultural town, with the culture of sugar cane, tobacco and livestock.

During the 19th century, it became one of the most aristocratic cities of Cuba. It was the first major city to be taken by the guerrilla forces of Fidel Castro (late 1958). Declared a historic monument for its 450th anniversary, the city still retains a colonial atmosphere.

Have a look at the Teatro Principal (on the the Parque Serafin Sanchez square). It was built in 1876.

Then walk in the crowded Independencia Sur street (on the southern side of the square). Many shops and restaurants (about 300m to go).

Make a stop and have a look at the nice Colonia Espanola building (crossroad with the Agramonte street).

Then go 300m further to the lonely Iglesia Jesus Nazareto church and its lovely square.

From there, take the little street going West (Herman Lopez street) to the river and the Puente Yayabo Bridge.

This bridge has 4 roman arches and was built in 1876. Nice view over the bridge from the banks of the river.

From the bridge, take the Av. Jesus Menendez street north up to the blue and peaceful Plaza Honorato where you can admire the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor des Espiritu Santo.

My personal recommendations: 

Here is the google map of the tour walk:
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How getting there: 

If you are travelling by car, Sancti Spiritus is about 2h drive from Santa Clara and 2h from Trinidad.

A tip to eat: 

Eat at the Quinta Santa Elena (Padre Quintero n°60). From there, you will have a wonderful view over the bridge.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long!

Visit duration: 

3 hours.

Entry fees: