Simplon Hospice and PassSimplon Hospice and Pass

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Located 2,000m above the sea level, the Simplon Hospiz is held by the Congregation of the "Canons of St. Bernard", who give a bed for the night to spirituality lovers and simple walkers. Situated slightly away from the road, the hospice is reachable practically all year long by car or coach.

My experience, Explo description: 

The Simplon Pass (2,005m) is the link between the Swiss Rhone valley and Italy.

The hospice was constructed after 1801, on decision of Napoleon.

During the campaign of Italy (1799-1800) and to surprise the Austrians, Napoleon Bonaparte made the exploit to pass through the Great-Saint-Bernard Pass with his army and his artillery. On the occasion of this difficult crossing, he appreciated the hospitality of the canons of the Great St. Bernard hospice.

After the austrian defeat, to facilitate the communication between the "Helvetic Republic" and Italy, Napoleon decided the construction of a road through the Simplon Pass, easier than Great St Bernard Pass, with a less strong, more regular slopes and a less important snow. He also decided the creation of the Simplon hospice, as big as the one of St Bernard pass.
The construction of hospiz was termined only in 1830.

The chapel has interesting icons and an organ dedicated to religious offices. However the non-believers are entirely accepted.

From the hospice, you have many hiking opportunities.

In winter:
Breithorn: top: 3438m / declivity: + 1441m
Monte Leone: top: 3553m / declivity: + 1650m
Spitzhorli: Versant E from the col Simplon 2737m + 750 m
Galehorn: by Sirwoltesee - from the Simplon pass (Engiloch) top: 2797m / declivity: + 1020m...

And many more in Summer time!

My personal recommendations: 

What I like is to have at the return of a beautiful ski tour a spacious and warm accommodation, where you can listen to a small concert organ in the chapel!

How getting there: 

The Simplon road is free of snow practically all year round, even in Winter unless exceptional snowfall. In addition, the pass is served by buses.

A tip to eat: 

Simple meals are served at the refectory.

A tip to sleep: 

The 5-storey building accommodates 130 guests. It includes dormitories for 10 persons and rooms. The rooms are spacious. The ground floor has dryers for winter hiking and ski equipments.

Sanitary facilities are unusually comfort at this altitude!

Useful information: 
Entry fees: 

half pension: 33 € dormitory and 39 € for a room.