The simply amazing "Angkor Wat"The simply amazing "Angkor Wat"

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    World famous spot, but presented from an adventurous point of view.
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The biggest religious construction even before European Renaissance and the America's discover

My experience, Explo description: 

The history is very long, but once you landed in Siem Reap, just pay the entry fee and you’ll see another world in the middle of the vegetation

Many temples to visit

Tha tree’s roots and the wats are on only thing

The little monkeys ready to steel you the camera !!

The incredible carvings in the local rocks

My personal recommendations: 

You should go at the info office and meet local official guides

How getting there: 

By scooters from Siem Reap

A tip to eat: 

Local food

A tip to sleep: 

Many hotels

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

9 am till night

Visit duration: 

I advice at least 2 days

Entry fees: 

20 usd