Stella Matutina museum, Reunion islandStella Matutina museum, Reunion island

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    A very interesting museum, but quite famous on the island Fritz!
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"THE" museum of Réunion island: island history and people. A fascinating museum you should not miss!

My experience, Explo description: 

The museum stands in a former sugar cane factory. This factory was built in 1855 and closed in 1978. Then, it was bought by the Réunion island department in 1986, who decided to convert it into a museum. The museum opens in 1991, after a very nice restoration.

More than 5,000m2 to discover Réunion island history. Most part of the museum is dedicated to sugar cane production : slavery, distilleries, Rhum alcohol... The museum also deals with other agricultural productions such as coffee, vanilla, spices or fragrance plants (like geranium, vetiver...). There is even a laboratory where you can smell and learn how to create fragrances !

Once you have visited the museum, go down back to Saint-Leu, and then go left to "l’étang salé" (the salty lake). There, you can have a look at the "Pointe au sel" (the salty peak) which is a protected salt natural site.

My personal recommendations: 

2km further, you can have a walk along the black lava shore. If you walk a bit, you can go to the "trou souffleur", kind of geyser provoked by sea waves... You can also see it from the road.

How getting there: 

Drive out from Saint-Leu (to the South, direction Saint-Pierre). 1km further, turn left on the D11 which is going up to Piton-Saint-Leu and "Des Avirons". Drive 2 more km and you will arrive at the museum.

A tip to eat: 

Have a little break at the museum scenic restaurant where you can taste local "créoles" specialities : Papaye "gratin" with shark or spadon slices, or a little glass of Rhum ?!

A tip to sleep: 

Bed and breakfast : Le Moutardier
Mélanie DARTY , 419 route D3
le Plate
97424 Piton St Leu
02 62 54 01 94

A nice little altitude farm, with a nice view, a tasty "créole" cuisine, and nice rooms.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30am to 17:30am. The shop is open from 10:00am to 17:45pm.
The museum is closed from 20th to 25th of December, the 1st of January, May and November.

Visit duration: 

At minimum 2 hours. But you can easily spend the whole day there... But that is not a problem, because the restaurant is worth it !

Entry fees: 

Adults : 6.50 €
Senior : 5.50 €
Family : 13.00 € (2 adults + 2 kids)
Double ticket : 10.00 € (Stella Matutina + Maison du Volcan = volcano museum)
Reduced fees : 3.00 € (unemployed persons, students, kids from 7 to 16)
Free for kids younger than 7

Take an audio guide : 1.00 € !!
Or, if you prefer, you can ask for a group guided tour (25 persons at least).
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Musée Stella Matutina
6 allée des Flamboyants
Tél. : 0262 34 16 24
com [dot] seml [at] wanadoo [dot] fr