Sultan Saodat mausoleum, TermezSultan Saodat mausoleum, Termez

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A nice and lonely ensemble of mausoleums and blue majolicas...

My experience, Explo description: 

Sultan Saodat is composed by 17 mausoleums. One of them is the Termez Sayyid family cave : this local dynasty pretended to be part of Ali’s family and was really powerful during the 13th and 14th centuries. Legends say that even Tamerlan was among their fans. The founder of this dynasty, Sayyid Hasan el Emir, was buried here at the 9th century, as well as his descendants.
The site has been renoved in 2002.

The 2 oldest tombs are located on the west part of the site. Some people say that it is because of these 2 tombs that Termez was settled close to that place at the end of the Mongol period.

The place is usually not really visited by tourists. You might be there alone. Have a look at the wonderful blue majolicas.

My personal recommendations: 

From Samarkand, you can rent a taxi with a driver for 2 days to go to Termez. Might be really useful cause you will need a car once you are at Termez to visit all the places around. Total price for 2 days : 100 euros.

How getting there: 

The site is about 8km (N) from Termez, close to the Airport.
Whatever many guides might say, getting to Termez is not so complicated. Unfortunately, not many buses and trains are getting there. 3 direct flights to Tashkent every day. Taxi from Samarkand (single way : 40euros : 7h drive...).

A tip to sleep: 

You can stay in Termez.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long.

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