Sumur getaway beachSumur getaway beach

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Private beach for everyone: yup... that's what i'd call this beach. It's really nowhere to be found. No people around in range 3km, white sand, clear water. Perfect getaway for beach lover!

My personal recommendations: 

Sumur is really a small village where less than... o gee.. Wikipedia can’t even track how many people live there. But..I’ll say around 400-500 people. I was there with the help of someone named Edy (people call him Pak Edi) and a German named Volker (i’m not sure if he still runs his project there). I love the particular beach there. Me and my girls walked about 3 km to get there. This small path usually brings the people who’d like to go to the nearest Resort Island. But there aren’t so many cars that pass by. That’s why we’d rather take a walk. The villager don’t find this beach very interesting, because there aren’t so many things to see. But that’s what interest me the most. No one goes there ! Such a private beach :-)

How getting there: 

Jakarta : take a bus that goes to Labuan, Pandeglang from Kali Deres Terminal (around 6 hours journey).

Labuan : take the local public transportation that goes to Sumur (around 3-4 hours journey)

A tip to eat: 

There is a local food stalls that sells affordable fried rice or fried noodle.

A tip to sleep: 

I slept at the Rhino’s during my first trip. A small yet comfortable hostel. During my second trip, I let my self sleep at the local people’s house (that is normally used for backpackers) and I only paid really small amount for the staying. Last time I remember a local environment-project offers their guest-house for people who’d like to spend days there.

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

I’d spent 3 days 2 nights there. And that was pretty much enough. Next time i’d love to spent my days longer by visiting Ujung Kulon National Park (1.5 hour ride with motorcycle from Sumur).