Tataouine ksours and ghorfas tour, TunisiaTataouine ksours and ghorfas tour, Tunisia

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A 50km long tour at the South from Tataouine, to visit several ksours and see grand landscapes, away from tourists

My experience, Explo description: 

A ksar (plural ksour) is an agricultural granary, which often has a defensive function too, allowing to protect crops from raids.
People get in by a single door, opening on a court, boarded with ghorfas (vaulted cells) all around. Ksour were used to store cereal, oil, cheese, olives...

A ksar can include several hundreds of cells, piled on floors. The Ouled Soltane ksar, one of the biggest, has three floors and 400 cells.

How getting there: 

This easy tour goes completely on tarred roads.
From Tatahouine, drive east on the road to Jelidat where you will discover your first one Ksar.
Then, go south south to Ezzarah. Several ksours along the way.
Pursue south west towards Ksar Ouled Soltane where is one of the most important ksar.
Go back up to Tataouine, before getting to Ksar Ouled Debbab, then to Douiret to spend the night.

A tip to sleep: 

Sleep in Douiret (22 km south west from Tataouine). This is a troglodyte village, which was in the past a caravan relay, and counted up to 3500 inhabitants . The old perched village is almost empty now. Only 2 or 3 families stand there. A new village was built down the hill.

The ASNAPED (Association de sauvegarde de la nature et de protection de l’environnement = Association to save nature and protect the environment) very well rehabilitated and arranged 8 ghars (troglodyte houses) including 30 beds. Spend 1 or 2 nights there ! This is a really unbelievable experience, due to the silence of the place, and the loneliness feeling you will have there !

tel : +216 71570102 or +216 75878066