Termez Archaeologic museumTermez Archaeologic museum

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After long drive hours standing under a stunning sun to check out the different ruins around Termez, going to the Termez Archaeology museum is like getting into an air conditioned paradise... But the museum also shows many interesting archaeological stuff and pieces!

My experience, Explo description: 

The museum is brand new and has been opened in 2002 (to celebrate the 2500th birthday of Termez).
The collection of the museum includes archaeological artefacts, articles of numismatics, paintings, sculpture, photographs, household stuff, etc.

Please ask to see the interesting video show in English dealing with the local history.

The museum includes many models of ancient cities and citadels, and a few wonderful Buddhist paintings. One of them, "the priest and the kid", is from the 4th century after Jesus Christ. Some archaeologists say it represents Timedeos and Aphrodite Greek gods... But many other paintings need to be seen too, such as the "Toharistan princess"...

My personal recommendations: 

From Samarkand, you can rent a taxi with a driver for 2 days to go to Termez. Might be really useful because you will need a car once you are at Termez to visit all the places around. Total price for 2 days : 100 euros.

How getting there: 

29, Al Termezi road, Termez.
Whatever many guides might say, getting to Termez is not so complicated. Unfortunately, not many buses and trains are getting there. 3 direct flights to Tashkent every day. Taxi from Samarkand (single way : 40euros : 7h drive...).

A tip to sleep: 

You can stay in Termez.

Useful information: 
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Entry fees: 

There is an admission fee.


Tel : 730 17.