Tislit and Isli lakes, Imilchil, AtlasTislit and Isli lakes, Imilchil, Atlas

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2 lakes (height: 2200m), an espousal faire, a world famous folklore festival... and plenty treks in magnificent landscapes!

My experience, Explo description: 

These 2 lakes have been created by the tears of a young boy and a young girl who belonged to 2 opposite clans and cried because their love was impossible...

When you stay at Imilchil, do not miss to make a one day trek to the lakes. The trip is kind of flat, with wide landscapes, great views. It is better to do it with a mountain bike or by car.

It is also possible to make a multi-day trek, with a local guide and its cookers who are also musicians. Your belongings will be hold by mules, and you will sleep under tents : this is a very comfortable way to camp in a wild nature.

Thus, you can go from Imilchil to Tounfit in a 5 days trip. You can also go west, to Anergui and its suspended attics...

My personal recommendations: 

You can drive 35km south, to the Agoudal berbere village, to admire the spectacular Akhiam cave.

A tip to sleep: 

Hotel-restaurant Bassou. This hotel can organize your trip with a guide to the mountains.

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