Toprak Kala, Ancient KhorezmToprak Kala, Ancient Khorezm

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The ancient capital of Khorezm. Maybe the best preserved citadel of the "50 Khorezm fortresses".

My experience, Explo description: 

Toprak Kala means "the clay fortress".
This city located right in the centre of the Ellik Kala oasis ("50 fortresses oasis"), along the old Gavhor canal. The city was built in one go, according to a pre-determined plan, as a religious centre of the Khorezm king dynasty.
This was an 500*350m area of living quarters, temples and palaces. The murals were 14m tall.

On the NW side of the fortress, you can still see the murals of the High Palace.
The palace was composed by 300 rooms, located on 3 storeys.
Russian archaeologists have found there genre paintings and polychrome sculptures of Zoroastrians deities. They have also found there the oldest examples of documents from the Royal Archives, written in the ancient Khorezm language.

From the top of the murals, have a check at the neighbouring fortresses :

  • 2km (E) : Kizik Kala.
  • 20km (NW) : Ayaz Kala.
My personal recommendations: 

Have a drink or spend a night at Yurt camp laying down the Ayaz kala fortress : ayazkala [at] newmail [dot] ru, or 8 361 532 43 61, 8 361 585 19 98.

This is the only hotel in the neighbourhood !

How getting there: 

Get a taxi from Khiva or Ourgench. 60 dollars for a 1/2 day trip to the fortresses.

A tip to sleep: 

You can stay in Khiva or at Ayaz Kala Yurt camp.

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All day long

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