Vernegues destroyed village, LambescVernegues destroyed village, Lambesc

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An impressive walking tour among the ruins of a perched village destroyed by an earthquake in 1909...

My experience, Explo description: 

The 11th of June 1909, the village was destroyed by an earthquake, which affected really badly the area : with a 6.2 magnitude on the Richter scale, it was the most violent earthquake France that occured in France during the 20th century...

It epicentre was localized between Lambesc and Saint Cannat, just a few kilometres from the village.

Total, 46 persons were killed, and 250 injured.

Nowadays, Vernegues has been rebuilt, down the hill of the old village, which is abandoned.

At the entrance of the site, have a look at the information sign (in French), where you can see interesting pictures of the earthquake.

On the way up to the castle, have a look at the church (lower on the right) and its frescoes.

My personal recommendations: 

After visiting the village, go West (see joined map) to visit the vestiges of an old feudal castle. This lonely castle stands on the top of a little cliff. You can go down using a staircase dug into the rock, and have a pic nic close to a shady shelter located under the cliff.

It is a nice walking tour, but there is not much ruins left to see.

How getting there: 

By car : take the RN7 between Lambesc and Mallemort. You will see signs to Vernegues on the West side of the road (about 8km North from Lambesc).

There is car park down the village ruins.

A tip to eat: 

Close to the car park, there is a lovely little restaurant (Le Repair) with a nice and shady terrace.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long.

Visit duration: 


Entry fees: 

Free !

Access security: 

Most parts of the village are not accessible, due to vegetation and risk of falling stones. So beware !

See MAP :
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