Viaduct of Millau, Aveyron, FranceViaduct of Millau, Aveyron, France

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The viaduct of all the records!

My experience, Explo description: 

Millau Viaduct enables the A75 motorway to cross of the Tarn valley near Millau. This valley is 270 metres deep...

Project start dates back to 1987. In 1996, after many discussion, the Michel Virlogeux solution, designed by Norman Foster is retained. This is a multi suspended bridge. The apron is made of steel (to decrease its thickness and weight).

The work began in 2001. The first step was the construction of the concrete bridge piers. The central pier (P2) is the highest of the world (245m).

25 March 2003, a first piece of the apron (171m long) is installed (thanks to the translator principle, see illustrations). 17 others will follow later : 1 every 4 weeks. On 28 May 2004, the junction (clavage in French) of the Northern and Southern parts is performed 270m above the vacuum...

The next day, the installation of towers starts, followed by the laying of the 154 cables to support the apron. In only 3 months, everything is completed. In late September 2004, the coated is applied on the apron. Development of road safety, painting, installation of security systems, lighting, toll barrier : everything is ready on 16 December 2004 for the commercial exploitation.

The work will have lasted 3 years and deadlines are respected.

A few figures :
Length : 2,460m
Width : 32m
Maximum height : 343m (19m more than the Eiffel Tower)
The highest pier (P2) : 245m
Towers height : 87m
Number of piers : 7
Length of aisles : 2 of 204m and 6 aisles of 342m.
Number of cable-stayed : 154 (11 pairs per pylon).
The apron steel weight : 36 000 tonnes, which is 5 times the Eiffel Tower.
Guarantee of the bridge : 120 years

The most beautiful views on the viaduct (see map) :

(1) Cap de Coste-Brunas : from Millau, take the direction to Albi/Toulouse on D 992. At the exit of Creisseil, take the 1st left direction to Brunas, to a special area dedicated to observe the viaduct. Point of view on the right side of parking (light vehicles only).

(2) Classified village of Peyre : from Millau, take the direction to Comprégnac by D 96, the village of Peyre is 7 km from Millau.

(3) Panorama : from Millau, go towards Montpellier by RN 9 until the indication "Farms of Larzac/Saint-Martin of Larzac" (Fermes du Larzac/St-Martin du Larzac). Make a U turn and descend to Millau. The panorama is located on the right.

(4) Bridge Lerouge in Millau

(5) Luzençon sigh point : from Millau, follow signs to Albi/Toulouse until St-Georges de Luzençon. At the exit of the village, follow the direction of Luzençon and the Belvedere.

(6) Millau belfry terrace : open from 15/06 till 01/09.

(7) Soulobres village : from Millau, follow the Aumières road.

How to visit the viaduct ?

1) To visit from the motorway : stop at the Brocéjouls area, located on the Causse Rouge at the North of viaduct. There you can access a viewpoint where you have a magnificent view. Free access.

2) Or stop on the Cazalous area on the RD 992 towards Albi (5 min from Millau). A viaduct information centre welcomes you. Open every day, from 10 am to 7 pm (summer) and 10 am to 5 pm (winter). Free entrance.

3) The visit with the Jardin des Explorateurs guided tour.

Reservation : +33 5 65 58 80 65 or contact [at] ot-millau [dot] fr

There is an outdoor exhibition area (6,000 sqm) to discover all about the records viaduct. You can also enjoy a playful visit, allowing you to enter in the basis of the life-size recreated P2 pier !

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Guided tours :
Visits departure : 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 5pm*
Starting visits groups : 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm*, 5pm*, 18pm*
* = from March to October

Visit duration: 

Duration of the visit : 1 hour for guided tours

Entry fees: 

Guided tours rates :
Adults : 5.50 €
Students / children (aged from 6 to 17 years) : 3 €
Children - 6 years old : free
Package group (+ 30 pers.) : 150 €

Motorway tolls for a passenger car :

  • summer (July and August) 7.70 €
  • off season : 6 €

Some nice spot to see it, but

Some nice spot to see it, but no so impressive.
Not interesting crossing the bridge on the road, you see nothing.