Wat Phutthai Sawan, AyutthayaWat Phutthai Sawan, Ayutthaya

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This Wat, located on the Chao Phraya river, is a bit more far than other vestiges in Ayutthaya. Thus, it is not really visited, and worth a little tour.

My experience, Explo description: 

Wat Phutthai Sawan must be seen for its impressive Prang, located in the middle of the compound.

It was constructed by King U-Thong, the first King of Ayutthaya.

The Prang houses the compound main Buddha image, whereas it is surrounded by a cloister, that also houses rows of Buddha images.

There are 2 mandapas to the north and the south of the Prang.

Walk among the cloister. When I visited it, I was alone.

My personal recommendations: 

On the west side of the Prang, you can have a look at the temple which is still in use.

How getting there: 

The best way to visit Ayutthaya is to rent a motorbike ($10). You can also rent bicycles ($1), but as you will have to go on long distance, I do not advise you this solution, except if you just want to focus on Ayutthaya city centre (but then you will miss many nice visits around the city !).

By car or motorbike : from Ayutthaya, go West and cross the Chao Phraya on the 3263 road bridge. Then make a left to the south (just before the 3469) and pass by the magnificent Wat Chaiwatthanaram.

Go on the road till you reach the 3469. Make a left again, and again. Then continue on a little road that goes along the Chao Phraya river. You will see the huge white Prang on your left after a little km.

A tip to eat: 

No place to eat.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

You can access to the Wat directly from a little park (on the East of the Prang) adjacent to the road.

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