Civil BuildingsCivil Buildings

Alberta iela 2, Art Nouveau building, Riga

Alberta iela 2, Art Nouveau ...Alberta iela 2, Art Nouveau ...

One of the most eclectic decorative Art Nouveau building in Riga!
Alberta iela 4 Mihails Eizenšteins Art Nouveau building, Riga

Alberta iela 4 Mihails Eize ...Alberta iela 4 Mihails Eize ...

A great example of Art Nouveau decoration.
Palais de la Porte Dorée, palace and museums, Paris

Palais de la Porte Dorée, p ...Palais de la Porte Dorée, p ...

A very nice Art Deco palace, vestige of the French Colonies, now hosting an acquarium and the French immigration museum.
Alberta iela 11, Art Nouveau building, Riga

Alberta iela 11, Art Nouvea ...Alberta iela 11, Art Nouvea ...

For me, one of the most interesting buildings of the Alberta iela street.
Strēlnieku iela 4a Art Nouveau building, Riga

Strēlnieku iela 4a Art Nouv ...Strēlnieku iela 4a Art Nouv ...

An extremely decorated Art Nouveau building.
Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi PalaceBeylerbeyi Palace

A nice and not so known palace on the bank of the Bosphorus.
Alberta iela 8, Art Nouveau House, Riga

Alberta iela 8, Art Nouveau ...Alberta iela 8, Art Nouveau ...

A blue Art Nouveau house.
Villa Ammende, Art Nouveau, Pärnu

Villa Ammende, Art Nouveau, PärnuVilla Ammende, Art Nouveau, Pärnu

A singular Art Nouveau villa, which is now an hotel and restaurant.
Garni Temple, roman bathes

Garni Temple, roman bathesGarni Temple, roman bathes

Situated in a picturesque mountain, A Parthenon-like temple in Armenia, an evidence of antique Hellenistic influences!
Castello San Salvatore, Susegana, Italia

Castello San Salvatore, Sus ...Castello San Salvatore, Sus ...

A walking tour around an old castle surrounded by a very nice campaign.
Dzirnavu iela 57, Administrative building, Riga

Dzirnavu iela 57, Administr ...Dzirnavu iela 57, Administr ...

There are not only Art Nouveau buildings in Riga. Here is one example of a building looking more like Art Deco architecture!
Cimetière marin, cemetery, Sète

Cimetière marin, cemetery, SèteCimetière marin, cemetery, Sète

A cemetery with a nice view, here lie the poet/philosophe Paul Valery and Jean Vilar (famous writer, actor and film director).
Château de la  Mogère, Montpellier, France

Château de la  Mogère, Mont ...Château de la Mogère, Mont ...

At the gates of Montpellier, a 18th century castle. The owner, the Viscount Gaston de Saporta, will guide you for the visit.
Belmonte castel, La Mancha

Belmonte castel, La ManchaBelmonte castel, La Mancha

Belmonte is a fortified village standing down a splendid 15th century castle, in La Mancha region, where Don Quixote committed his famous exploits ;-)
Castle of La Brède, Gironde

Castle of La Brède, GirondeCastle of La Brède, Gironde

At the edge of the Landes forest, in the Graves area (famous for winery!), the severe shapes of the castle are reflected in the wide moat, surrounded by vast prairies that bordered by a wood ring.<
Palace Club Cienfuegos, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos

Palace Club Cienfuegos, Pun ...Palace Club Cienfuegos, Pun ...

The Malecon and Punta Gorda was once the upper class neighborhood of Cienfuegos. The rich have built many colorful and kitsch neo classical palaces there, which are now a joy to visit.
Castle and gardens, Pompadour, Corrèze

Castle and gardens, Pompado ...Castle and gardens, Pompado ...

Pompadour is famous in France, due to its Marquise, who was the "favourite" of King Louis XV in 1745.
Farmers’ Tower (Borentoren), Art Déco skyscraper, Antwerp

Farmers’ Tower (Borentoren) ...Farmers’ Tower (Borentoren) ...

An Art Déco style skyscraper in the heart of Antwerpen city center.
Plaza Vieja square, La Habana vieja

Plaza Vieja square, La Haba ...Plaza Vieja square, La Haba ...

As the name says, it is one of the oldest squares in La Havana. Ideal for architecture fans.
Santa Cruz auditorium, Tenerife

Santa Cruz auditorium, TenerifeSanta Cruz auditorium, Tenerife

In the new and modern south west district of Santa Cruz, a small walking tour along the sea front offers a seizing contrast between the old small San Juan fort and the new futurist auditorium.