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Ubon Ratchathani railway station

Ubon Ratchathani railway stationUbon Ratchathani railway station

This railway station is the terminus of the Bangkok-Ubon Ratchatani line. Thus, if you are interested in trains, you can try to have a look at the train park.

Bois Rouge sugar fabric and Savanna distilleryBois Rouge sugar fabric and Savanna distillery

If you want to know how is the sugar cane fabricated, or if you want to taste rhum, come to visit the Bois-Rouge sugar plant and the Savanna distillery!
Saint-Gervais-sous-Meymont wooden bridge

Saint-Gervais-sous-Meymont  ...Saint-Gervais-sous-Meymont ...

Wooden covered bridge built in 1993, over the Dore river.
Pont des Lions, destroyed train bridge, Arles

Pont des Lions, destroyed t ...Pont des Lions, destroyed t ...

Just above the elbow formed by the Rhone river at Arles, discover the remains of an old bridge that once spanned the river...
Sète train bascule bridge

Sète train bascule bridgeSète train bascule bridge

Impressive bascule bridge.
Pakmun dam, Khong Chiam

Pakmun dam, Khong ChiamPakmun dam, Khong Chiam

A 300m long dam, located 6km far from the confluence of the Mekong and Mun River.
Rotterdam harbor car tour on the N15

Rotterdam harbor car tour o ...Rotterdam harbor car tour o ...

A 40km long raod trip from Barendrecht to the sea and the harbor entrance. A nive overview of the most modern parts of the harbor.
Minoterie Saint Jean, mill, Sain Rémy de Provence

Minoterie Saint Jean, mill, ...Minoterie Saint Jean, mill, ...

Curious remains of a 19th century mill.
Bridge over Vézère river, Le  Saillant, Voute

Bridge over Vézère river, L ...Bridge over Vézère river, L ...

An old and lovely bridge over Vézère river...
Ex SNIA VISCOSA/Michelin plant tower, Stura, Torino

Ex SNIA VISCOSA/Michelin pl ...Ex SNIA VISCOSA/Michelin pl ...

An old "water tower", now lost in the middle of a commercial area.
Roquemengarde water mill, Paulhan

Roquemengarde water mill, PaulhanRoquemengarde water mill, Paulhan

A nice spot on the Heraul river.
Old German Zeppelin hangars, Riga central market

Old German Zeppelin hangars ...Old German Zeppelin hangars ...

Impressive Zeppelin hangars!!
The Rove Tunnel, L'estaque

The Rove Tunnel, L'estaqueThe Rove Tunnel, L'estaque

A strange hole at the rear of the Rove marina... This is the entrance of the tunnel...
Antwerp Harbor and Lilo Port Centre

Antwerp Harbor and Lilo Por ...Antwerp Harbor and Lilo Por ...

Discover the 2nd largest harbor of Europe (and also the 5th in the world !)
Belle Ile lighthouse and fog siren, Bangor, Brittany

Belle Ile lighthouse and fo ...Belle Ile lighthouse and fo ...

A big lighthouse...
Centrale di Fies, abandonned power plant, Dro, Trentino

Centrale di Fies, abandonne ...Centrale di Fies, abandonne ...

A lost and partly abandonned power plant, with a very nice architecture.
Water Tower

Water TowerWater Tower

Former water tower of Vinnitsa fire department, now home to the Afghan War Museum (free admission). In front of the tower is the Slavic War Memorial Park.
Grimeton radio station

Grimeton radio stationGrimeton radio station

Ok. Let's be honest. The place is not beautiful, but it is a unique place in Europe, technically fascinating to visit.
Pont Julien Roman bridge, Apt, Vaucluse

Pont Julien Roman bridge, A ...Pont Julien Roman bridge, A ...

Between Apt and Cavaillon, an old Roman bridge over a small river in Provence...

Mangit Bridge, KarakapalkstanMangit Bridge, Karakapalkstan

Picturesque pontoon bridge over the Amu Darya