Baikka Beel Bird Sanctuary

Baikka Beel Bird SanctuaryBaikka Beel Bird Sanctuary

Thousands of migratory birds in a wetland that can be reached by two hours trek, The scenic countryside is a bonus.
Kabli bird station, Krundiküla

Kabli bird station, KrundikülaKabli bird station, Krundiküla

A strange trap dedicated to study birds migrations.
Réaltor lake, Cabriès, Aix en Provence

Réaltor lake, Cabriès, Aix  ...Réaltor lake, Cabriès, Aix ...

Réaltor is a little lake located 12km (SW) from Aix en Provence. It hosts many ducks during the winter time. All year long, you can enjoy a very pleasant walking tour around the lake...
Birds observation on the way to Peccais fort, Aigues-Mortes

Birds observation on the wa ...Birds observation on the wa ...

A cool car tour where you can observe birds...
Anacapa island, Channel islands

Anacapa island, Channel islandsAnacapa island, Channel islands

A perfect island day trip for those who want to see wildlife.
Teich bird reserve, Arcachon

Teich bird reserve, ArcachonTeich bird reserve, Arcachon

Teich bird reserve is a protected nature reserve, managed to attract wild birds so they can be seen from close by the public .
Snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, Las Brujas, Cayo Santa Maria

Snorkeling and swimming wit ...Snorkeling and swimming wit ...

An easy boat tour to go snorkeling and swimming with captive dolphins.
MBodiene laguna, Petite côte

MBodiene laguna, Petite côteMBodiene laguna, Petite côte

MBodiene is a little village situated on the "petite cote" coast. It is reputable for its Laguna, where you can observe wildlife, staying in a little inn overlooking the ocean...
Pompadour, Horse centre, Corréze

Pompadour, Horse centre, CorrézePompadour, Horse centre, Corréze

Famous thanks its beautiful Marquise, the Pompadour castle is also a world renowned place for horse lovers.
Mifafi condor refuge, Merida

Mifafi condor refuge, MeridaMifafi condor refuge, Merida

This refuge hosts Condors that have been wounded, to bring them back to the wild life.
Ree park

Ree parkRee park

Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari is a special day out, close to the animal kingdom.

Badaï Tugaï and the Jampyk Kala, BeruniBadaï Tugaï and the Jampyk Kala, Beruni

A forest stands in the middle of the desert...
Naurzum State Nature Reserve

Naurzum State Nature ReserveNaurzum State Nature Reserve

Unique Naurzum forest takes major part of last tract. These are old pine forests, as they almost did not change since tertiary or quaternary periods.