Gardens & BotanyGardens & Botany

La Promenade Plantée park, Paris 12

La Promenade Plantée park,  ...La Promenade Plantée park, ...

This former railway was transformed into a very pleasant park, ideal for long walks (4.5km long!).
Malpaïs of Güimar walking tour, Tenerife

Malpaïs of Güimar walking t ...Malpaïs of Güimar walking t ...

A small and easy circuit on the seafront, on volcanic terrain. Due to the area climate, sunny weather is garanteed.

Grand Hazier domain and villa, Sainte-SuzanneGrand Hazier domain and villa, Sainte-Suzanne

A vast agriculture domain, an old colonial style villa, with all the dependences...
Botanic Conservatory of Mascarin , Réunion Island

Botanic Conservatory of Mas ...Botanic Conservatory of Mas ...

A rich botanic garden to discover the Réunion island flora and see chameleons if you are lucky!
 Mugel Park , La Ciotat

 Mugel Park , La Ciotat Mugel Park , La Ciotat

Located just at the base of the impressive Bec de l'Aigle hill, the Mugel Park is a small botanical treasure.
Botanical Garden and Abbey of Autrey, Vosges

Botanical Garden and Abbey  ...Botanical Garden and Abbey ...

In a quiet little village of the Vosges mountains, the Notre-Dame d'Autrey Abbey was built at the 12th century.
Santa Barbara Botanic garden, California

Santa Barbara Botanic garde ...Santa Barbara Botanic garde ...

A nice stroll along different Californians tree essences...
Bio-aromatic gardens of the Ourika Valley

Bio-aromatic gardens of the ...Bio-aromatic gardens of the ...

In the middle of the Ourika Valley (southern of Marrakech), an haven of serenity: medical and aromatic plants in a amazingly well laid out garden.
Centro Recreativo La Punta Park, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos

Centro Recreativo La Punta  ...Centro Recreativo La Punta ...

A pretty little park at the most southern point of Punta Gorda.
Jardin Anne Frank garden, Le Marais, Paris

Jardin Anne Frank garden, L ...Jardin Anne Frank garden, L ...

A lovely little garden, away from the crowd!
Casa de Campo park and cable car, Madrid

Casa de Campo park and cabl ...Casa de Campo park and cabl ...

The cable car will offer you the possibility of overlooking Madrid and of contemplating one of its most historic but also the most green districts.
Croix des gardes, Cannes

Croix des gardes, CannesCroix des gardes, Cannes

February: winter time. Why not walking in a forest with yellow flowers trees? The Croix des Gardes park overlooks Cannes with its beautiful landscape and the flowers smell so good!
Primrose hill belvedere, Regents park, London

Primrose hill belvedere, Re ...Primrose hill belvedere, Re ...

Primerose hill is a little park adjacent to the famous Regents park. From the top of the hill, you will enjoy a full sight of London.
Garajonay Park House, la Gomera Island

Garajonay Park House, la Go ...Garajonay Park House, la Go ...

An excellent introduction for those who want to visit the Garajonay national park or La Gomera island.
Botanical garden of Caracas

Botanical garden of CaracasBotanical garden of Caracas

70 hectares and more than 2000 species of plants from Venezuela and elsewhere.
The Sultan Park , Male’

The Sultan Park , Male’The Sultan Park , Male’

The Sultan Park today stands as a witness to diminishing glory of the sultanate’s era of Maldives.
Sri Nakakharin Park vestiges, Ayutthaya

Sri Nakakharin Park vestige ...Sri Nakakharin Park vestige ...

Inside Ayutthaya, a huge park with numerous little vestiges of wats, chedis and prangs...
Cowra japanese Gardens

Cowra japanese GardensCowra japanese Gardens

Enjoy the beauty, serenity and peace found in these beautiful gardens
Botanical Garden, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Botanical Garden, Puerto de ...Botanical Garden, Puerto de ...

It is easy to spend half a day in this magnificent location, away from the noise and bustle of the city and where the nature (assisted by human) deploys any imagination and its treasures.
Monte Palace Tropical Garden of Madeira

Monte Palace Tropical Garde ...Monte Palace Tropical Garde ...

If you want to discover tropical plants, or Madeira specific orchids, or if you want to know more about the adventure of the Portuguese in Japan, then go to Monte Palace Tropical Garden!