Sights & Natural placesSights & Natural places

Gilbert Hill, Andheri, Mumbai

Gilbert Hill, Andheri, MumbaiGilbert Hill, Andheri, Mumbai

Huge rock in the middle of Mumbai offers great views
Oum Lâalag sacred oasis, Mhamid

Oum Lâalag sacred oasis, MhamidOum Lâalag sacred oasis, Mhamid

The closest oasis from Ouarzazate... Looking for a moonlight walk around a little oasis or for an accessible base camp to get around into the desert dunes? Get to Oum Lâalag sacred oasis!
The Great Mada Kari Pura Waterfall

The Great Mada Kari Pura WaterfallThe Great Mada Kari Pura Waterfall

Madakaripura is truly an off the path destination. Often being forgotten by the explorers who had Bromo as their primary destination.
Birishiri : the last stoppage on a bus route

Birishiri : the last stoppa ...Birishiri : the last stoppa ...

A remote locality at the end of a bus route that starts from the capital city Dhaka and ends in a district named Netrokona, bordering India.
Santa Cruz island, Channel islands

Santa Cruz island, Channel islandsSanta Cruz island, Channel islands

An island so far from the world, so close to Los Angeles...
Cangai Broadwater - natural bushland camping wonderland

Cangai Broadwater - natural ...Cangai Broadwater - natural ...

Enjoy getting away from everything and find your own camping space away from everyone on the banks of the beautiful Mann River at Cangai
Nipah valley, Tioman island

Nipah valley, Tioman islandNipah valley, Tioman island

This is paradise! A creek, a beach, a river. The ideal place to get away from hordes of tourists and enjoy simple nature life.
Tête du Coquin summit & bunker, Vosges

Tête du Coquin summit & bun ...Tête du Coquin summit & bun ...

A magnificent red sandstone formation with a panoramic view on the North side of the Vosges. This wild location also hosts remains of the 1914-1918 war...
Mount Signon walking tour, Chaudeyrolles

Mount Signon walking tour,  ...Mount Signon walking tour, ...

A lovely and short walk to visit a former slate flagstone career.
Risou mountain and St Jean Baptiste Chapel, Hautes-Alpes

Risou mountain and St Jean  ...Risou mountain and St Jean ...

The Risou mountain is 1181m high, with pierced rocks and a chapel: St Jean Baptiste. It is a good point to observe savage vultures.
Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature reserve, Häädemeeste vald, Pärnu

Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature  ...Pulgoja at Luitemaa Nature ...

A nice walk in a coastal nature reserve!
Beausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorway

Beausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorwayBeausoleil viewpoint, A8 motorway

When you drive on the A8 motorway to Italy, you can make a stop at the Beausoleil petrol station and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas on Cote d'Azur, overlooking Monaco and Monte Carlo.
Croix de Guizay

Croix de GuizayCroix de Guizay

Impregnable belveder on Saint-Etienne. A sight of the entire town, main street and buildings
Titus canyon drive, Death Valley

Titus canyon drive, Death ValleyTitus canyon drive, Death Valley

A 42km long track in the middle of magnificent landscapes, with a ghost village on the way, and a great drive in a canyon at the end of the trip.
From Cap Noir to Roche Ecrite trek, La Réunion

From Cap Noir to Roche Ecri ...From Cap Noir to Roche Ecri ...

From Cap Noir to Roche Ecrite, a nice but intense trek overlooking the Mafate circus... You will enjoy 2 of the most spectacular belvedere of Réunion island, as well as a dense vegetation...
Maïdo (2203m), Mafate circus belvedere

Maïdo (2203m), Mafate circu ...Maïdo (2203m), Mafate circu ...

One of the must see of Réunion island: an exceptional point of view, almost totally accessible by car, with amazing landscapes all the way long.
Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan

Tanjung Puting National Par ...Tanjung Puting National Par ...

Relaxing Adventuring Cruise Trip

Pointe au Sel blowing holes, Saint LeuPointe au Sel blowing holes, Saint Leu

A walk on the top of black lava cliffs to observe strange "trous souffleurs" (blowing holes).
Yongseo Falls

Yongseo FallsYongseo Falls

Rock-climbing-- over 70 routes-- in a beautiful waterfall setting!