Gypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Gypsotheca Canoviano, PossagnoGypsotheca Canoviano, Possagno

Possagno is the home town of one of the greatest sculptors of all time : Antonio Canova (1757-1822).
Phonsavan museum and tourist information

Phonsavan museum and touris ...Phonsavan museum and touris ...

Phonsavanh tourist information desk is also a little museum, dealing with the Plain of jars history and the second Indochina War in Xieng Khouang province.
The buddhist pantheon, Paris

The buddhist pantheon, ParisThe buddhist pantheon, Paris

The buddhist pantheon is part of the great Guimet museum for asian arts. The buddhist pantheon is a really peaceful place.

Japanese American National MuseumJapanese American National Museum

Interesting museum about the complex history of the Japanese Americans.
Rayak Railway Museum

Rayak Railway MuseumRayak Railway Museum

A city, a station, a factory… A trip into the vestiges and the history of trains...
Whitley house, Kentucky

Whitley house, KentuckyWhitley house, Kentucky

A little house and museum showing you how life was west from Allghany Mountains 3 centuries ago...
Museum de Arte Moderno de Merida

Museum de Arte Moderno de MeridaMuseum de Arte Moderno de Merida

A little contemporary art museum, located in an interesting open air building.
Museum of colonial art, Merida

Museum of colonial art, MeridaMuseum of colonial art, Merida

Nice religious objects, displayed in a old colonial house with a peaceful patio. Short visit.
King Bhumibol's Photographic Exhibitions Hall

King Bhumibol's Photographi ...King Bhumibol's Photographi ...

King Bhumibol is passionate about photography. This small museum displays some of the photos he has made.
Pointe au Sel Salt Museum, Saint Leu, Réunion

Pointe au Sel Salt Museum,  ...Pointe au Sel Salt Museum, ...

On the sea shore, a walk among the vestiges of a salt production site...
Pirogov’s Home and Museum

Pirogov’s Home and MuseumPirogov’s Home and Museum

National Museum-Estate of N. Pirogov is located in a picturesque park on the shore of the lake (south-western outskirts of the city). Prominent surgeon bought the estate in 1859.
Casa Popicu - The Museum-House of the Pop Family - Romanian, Ukrainian and Jewish music from Maramureş

Casa Popicu - The Museum-Ho ...Casa Popicu - The Museum-Ho ...

The pace of life in Hoteni village is as relaxed and charmed as the couple who own this homestead; Ion Pop, nicknamed "Popicu" by his wife.
Paper Mill of Richard de Bas - Museum of paper history

Paper Mill of Richard de Ba ...Paper Mill of Richard de Ba ...

Discover paper made by hand using 15th Century methods, meet the men and women who continue to work this way, in a typical "Auvergnat" home.
Kanchanaburi railway locomotive park

Kanchanaburi railway locomo ...Kanchanaburi railway locomo ...

Close to the Kwai river bridge stand 4 old steam Japanese locomotives, vestiges of the war and the building of the bridge...
Fournaise volcano museum, Bourg-Murat

Fournaise volcano museum, B ...Fournaise volcano museum, B ...

The Fournaise Volcano is one of the most active in the world. It is also one of the main attraction of Réunion island. Bourg-Murat is the entrance of the road accessing to the volcano.
Penjikent Rudaki museum

Penjikent Rudaki museumPenjikent Rudaki museum

Interesting museum for those who want to know more about the Sogdian civilization and the Tadjik history. Don't miss the colorful Sogdian frescoes!
Miini Muuseum, Underwater LMines Museum, Tallin

Miini Muuseum, Underwater L ...Miini Muuseum, Underwater L ...

A strange and interesting museum about unknown military objects: the sea mines...
King Prajadhipok  museum, Bangkok

King Prajadhipok  museum, BangkokKing Prajadhipok museum, Bangkok

A little, free, and unfrequented museum to know a bit more about the daily life of a Thai king.
Navy and trade museum, Marseille

Navy and trade museum, MarseilleNavy and trade museum, Marseille

An interesting museum where you can enjoy magnificent ship models...
Le musée Ciotaden, La Ciotat museum

Le musée Ciotaden, La Ciota ...Le musée Ciotaden, La Ciota ...

An oldish but sympathetic museum, to better understand the history of La Ciotat and its shipyards, which were (and are still!) the economic heart of the city.