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Norzumaayati Goloi Chua
Kota Belud, North Borneo

I do things as I please... I like to be in the nature. My idea of a holiday is forget about plane ticket, go to the nearest jungle and spend a few days camping with good friends and travellers.

My main job is as a Scuba diving instructor. Apart from that I guide tours to the National Parks around West-Coast of Sabah and jungle trekking.

I like eating, and also cooking. When I meet travellers I usually want to learn new recipes from their country.

Dont have specific motto but I do have a mission and a goal I would love to achieve... To stop forest destruction and destroy existing palm oil plantation in my village so they won't open up any more... hahahahaha.

I like helping native communities to get involved directly with the fast growing tourism industry in Sabah. Sadly most of the package offered and even the islands tours are monopolized by big corporations and they give very little chance for the local community to participate. In most cases, they hire local people on a very low wage, long working hours and not being paid on time.

I have already hosted a lot of travellers at my place. They are usually passing by and want to explore the next town or city, but a lot of the time they are customers on transit and just want to experience a local lifestyle.

There is a lot of beautiful nature places in my city and surrounding it. The culture too is very diverse with a lot of different tribes living peacefully with each other. From the Mountain top, waterfalls, virgin forests, nice beaches, and beautiful coral reefs... All this you can find here in Kota Belud.

The more tourists come to my hometown and more the local tribes benefit from tourists influx then we might have strong reason to convince the local authority to preserve the nature in our district. Deforestation has arrived with the need to open up more Oil Palm plantation. I plan to stop that before it happens. Tourist visiting the jungle would be a good alternative to provide income to the local villagers.

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