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TEMBIWE Marc Patrick

i am cameroonian. i am very plaisant and open person. I like to share my joy with every person who is as me. i try to make effort to appreciate life as i see it.
if you come to my country just contact me and you never forget it. If you want to discover something in my country, contact me then i ill help you as i can.
my favorite joke is to move in the city, travel share friendship with other persons. in fact all good ways in the live.

Live and always take things the right way.

i like to travel out of the beaten track because i want to be in the first people to discover something. i like to appreciate the culture and the ways of live for others persons.

i host explorer tomy place to share my meal with him, talk about experience of travalling, know his culture and learn him my own culture.

i guiding explorer to help him discover some nice places, explain him the history or the implementation of the site we visit.

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