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nugroho budi sukiswo
6/ 7/1987

I am a quantity surveyor, I grew up in Jakarta, where a large city called big durian. I like to travel, which we can find the freedom to live and feel what God has created. I am easy person familiar with the crowd, and I realize is my english language skills are still very simple, and I beg understandably, feel free to know me more

Do Better what you want

Life is too short and i must look how awesome the earth

I love my city of Jakarta, say born and raised in this city, I do not want any misinformation about Jakarta, and Indonesia as a whole, for that reason through this website I was able to introduce the real Indonesia, where many of the original nature of divine creation. not touch artificial architecture course where it can be made anywhere.
so just ask if you need info on Jakarta and Indonesia, hopefully I can help and answer

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